28 Feb 2015
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Iran's Larijani warns West of any attack on Syria

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TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned of western states and the US of any military attack against Syria, saying in case the west wages a war in Syria, it would not end such an operation.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns any hasty and illegitimate attack by the US pursued by some regional states, and it warns that it will not be them who end the war, if they start any operation in Syria," Larijani said in a parliament session.

He further warned that western states should take care of 'their illegitimate child' (Israel) in case of war outbreak in Syria.

On Saturday, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel claimed that the White House is studying different military options against Syria.

Hagel suggested the Pentagon is moving forces into place ahead of possible military action against Syria, even as President Barack Obama voiced caution.

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